Monday, March 28, 2016

Busy Making Other Plans

I didn't post on this blog at all in 2015 because life has been keeping me rather busy on other things. Now that a quarter of 2016 is here and almost gone, I wanted to write a quick update before this year goes by without a blog entry too!

Just because I haven't been posting on here doesn't mean I haven't been busy (I suggest you follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you want more timely updates!) I've been to Hawaii (the Big Island) twice. Once in January 2015 with my husband, and once this January 2016 with my husband and two sons.

One of the biggest changes to happen already this year has been getting a new job. I started back at Ball State University in March 2016 working for The Indiana Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Humanities. And I must say IT FEELS GREAT TO BE BACK AT BALL STATE! It also feels great not to be working in a city over two hours away from my house, husband, kids, dog...essentially my life as I know and love it. My time in Terre Haute at Rose-Hulman was a learning and growing experience, but as cliche as it sounds...I'm glad to be starting a new chapter.

Speaking of chapters...I'm also still working on my book. I've been writing and rewriting (and rewriting) for what seems like a millennium now. I recently joined an online critique group. And I also started to send out query letters to seek representation for my completed YA sci-fi novel.

Alright 2016, you're feeling like you might be a big year for more Indiana Julie adventures. Stay tuned...

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